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Allow 45 minutes $99
Skin Type: Blemish / Acneic / Sebaceous / Enlarged Pores /inflammatory Rosacea.

NEW Blemish RX Peel- this is the morning after just one treatment! $99 The Blemish RX Peel reveals healthy skin and enhances our natural cell renewal. This is perfect for skin that is more prone to Acne, Breakouts, Rosacea & excess oil flow.mild to moderate acne and inflammation. A combination of key actives including Salicylic, Mandelic & Malic Acid, they work together to gently exfoliate, reduce inflammation, prevent pore clogging, and help to lighten hyper pigmentation and improve skin texture. side out, removing whiteheads, blackheads & skin congestion. It is also very effective at fading the marks left by acne and Best results I advise clients to visit the salon every 1-2 weeks. Recommend 3-6 treatments depending on the condition of your skin. Double Cleanse, peel, sheet mask, ,facial massage in with cooling ice Globes to reduce post treatment redness. hydrating balm & spf


  • Allleries so Asprin  Salicylates ( Salicylic Acid) 
  • Accutane in the last 12 months
  • Acne meddication., topical or oral
  • Tretionoin
  • Doxycycline
  • Retinoids

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