Professional skin consultation should be the first step you take when you’re considering starting a new skin care journey. The process allows you to gain personalized and professional advice on what is best for your individual needs and concerns. A consultation provides you with a detailed understanding of your skin and concerns, allows me to guide you with the appropriate skin care and treatment plan moving forward.

I recommend skin consultations to every new client that visits or enquires. It’s the only way I can provide you with my expert advice and help you achieve your desired results along with treatment plan. This also applies to certain treatments that it’s required to have Skin Consultation, as well as a *Patch Test, is necessary before you can undertake your first skin treatment (be that SHR hair removal or Skin Rejuvenation or a chemical chemical peel. Each of these treatments has specific contraindications that may prevent you from undertaking the treatment owing to safety concerns or circumstances that would prevent the treatment from being effective. This also determine your feetzspartick skin type, settings for the treatment along with medication, and more. This is NON NEGOTIABLE!

Skin Consultation (no treatment)  $40

All new clients begin their journey with a consultation, so we can get to know one another and help you work towards complete skin health. We’ll talk about your unique concerns and any health and lifestyle factors that may be compromising your skin and causing problematic dermatological conditions. Once we’ve established your unique needs, we’ll develop a tailored care plan designed specifically for you

Discovery Facial$140 90 min

New clients and returning clients of over 2 years.

Add Led $49

The discovery facial is an introductory for those who are new to facials or those returning clients

Your first facial with us  welcomes you to your skins possibilities, allowing extra time for us to get to know your concerns and desires.  We will assess your skin with our analysis devices and educate you on what is lurking under and on the surface of your skin. This treatment is designed for clients who want to get results but don’t know where to start. I will guide you thorough a consultation, deep cleanse, thorough analysis, enzyme exfoliant, lactic peel and hydrating mask, end  finishing products. This facial is a good place to start, the extra time allows this to truly be customizes treatment  suit  to your needs.


Consultation & test patch $35 SHR hair removal & SSR Skin rejuvenation.

( redeemable within 2 weeks not on individual Facial  areas or spot or small  areas)