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Take a moment to relax to restores balance within the body, working to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. Body treatments are carefully considered to treat a range of skin concerns; from hydration and detoxification, and relaxation.
Refine your skin mixed with skin-nourishing ingredients to gently stimulate circulation and smooth your skin’s texture, followed by a moisturising treatment to replenish your skin.

Exfoliating Back & Shoulder Buff $80 30 min

An invigorating treatment utilising sea salt & oils to leave skin smooth & hydrated.
Add on Vanilla Body Milk $50
Add on Add on Harmony Body Mask $60

Salt Glow & Body Milk Quench $110 45min

Signature salt glow to exfoliate dry dead skin cells and uneven skin , concludes with a body application of hydrating body cream to restore moisture, leave skin smooth and glowing

Add on Add on Harmony Body Mask $50
Add on Body Lotion $50
Add on Express Facial 30 mins $75
The quick pick me up for your skin….includes all the essentials.
Cleanse, Exfoliate, cream mask, Hot towels,and Hydration,SPF

Body Bliss & Facial Experience $275 2 hours 20 min

Press pause and allow time to slow with a facial and one-hour full-body exfoliation, Your choice of Lemongrass & Lime Energy Boost , or Rose Petals & Lotus Flower sea salt scrub to rejuvenates the skin, softly removes dead skin cells, cleansing and exfoliating your body to restore the skin’s natural glow. Rich in trace elements that awaken the skin . perfect combination to balance your spirit, while fine salt granules cleanse and exfoliate your body to restore the skin’s natural glow. Delicious floral notes spread a captivating aroma for an extra smooth and dewy and rejuvenated skin.
Facial , consist of double cleanse, enzyme peel, cream mask , facial massage, hand arm massage and finishing treatment creams.
The nourishing blissful treatment will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated and silky smooth from heed toe.

Add on Vanilla Body Milk $50
Add on Harmony Body Mask $60
Add on jelly mask $25
Add on hand mask $15

Purifying back Treatment 60 min $120

Back facial decongest, purify and refresh, luxurious treat and deep cleanse for that hard to reach area.
Whether you suffer from (back acne), maybe your skins extremely dry and itchy or it may simply just need some TLC, this beautiful Treatment has you covered.
Ideal for those with congestion, breakouts or acne on the back. However this treatment can be customised to suit absolutely anyone.
This treatment includes cleanse Enzyme peel , Steam, blackhead extractions a stimulating deep pore cleansing Moor Mud rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, combines potent calcium and magnesium carbonates with fulvic and humic acids , leaving the skin beautiful and healthily.
Add on Hi Frequency $15
Add on Blemish RX treatment $30
Add on AHA/BHA Mask $20
Add on Salicylic Acid peel $30
Please note”: To fully enjoy your experience, all body treatments must be accompanied alone, so no extra guest or friends coming alone. Body Bliss & Facial Experience only available on Thursday’s and Friday.’s Thank you.
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