Char’s Beauty Room will wax and leave you skin soft and silky with minimal discomfort. Following a strict hygiene and very clean environment therefore please note if you have booked in for a Brazilian wax please shower before hand and baby wipes will also be provided to freshen up. Due to safe health practices for clients and to myself in cases where menstrual time begins service will be refused and rescheduled.

To ensure no cross contamination or infection! this means no double dipping, Disposable wooden spatulas used for your peace of mind. Disposable gloves are worn by the therapist for all intimate services.

Our waxing products are of the highest quality and cater for the most course hair to even the most sensitive.

Female Waxing
Eye Brow tidy $16
Brow shape $22
Full face brow tidy, lip, chin sides $40
Full face with Brow shape $55
sides of face, lip and chin $25
Upper lip $10
Side face or chin $10
Underarms $15
1/2 arm $25
Full arm $35
Stomach line $10
Bikini line $22
Higher G Sting from $37
Brazilian 3-5weeks $52
Brazilian first time/overdue $62
Bottom $20
Half leg $25
Full Leg $50
Upper Thigh $35
Lower back $20
Men’s Waxing
Eyebrow wax $17
Stomach only $55
Chest includes neck $45
Full back + Shoulders+ back of Neck $55
Half back top and shoulders $49
Lower back $45
Shoulders $20
Underarms $30
Full arm includes hands $55
Full leg $65
Shoulders + half arm $35
Neck $15
Chest & stomach $65
Neck & shoulders $35
Full back, shoulders and full arms $85
Chest, Stomach, Back and Shoulder $100
Chest + Stomach + Full Back + Full Legs + Full Arms $180

Contra-indications to waxing

  • Clients using retin A or roacutane
  • Warts moles or skin diseases and disorders
  • Sunburnt skin
  • Severe varicose veins or very thin skin
  • Microdermabrasion treatment in the last 48 hours

Waxing after care

  • Don’t loofah your skin until 3-5 days after your wax.
  • Don’t loofah your skin every day. This dries up natural oils from your skin’s surface, making it difficult for the hairs to break through the skin.
  • Don’t apply deodorant until 24 hours after a treatment.
  • Don’t apply make up directly after a facial wax.
  • Don’t visit a solarium 24 hours before a waxing treatment as this may cause you to burn.
  • Don’t go out into the sun until 24 hours after wax treatment .
  • Don’t pick at ingrown hairs, it may cause scarring and look unappealing. Come in and we will remove them professionally and hygienically.
  • Don’t shave between waxing treatments. This distorts the hair growth cycle.
  • Don’t go to the gym or exercise directly after a wax treatment .
  • Don’t swim in chlorinated pools or at the beach until 24 hours after a treatment.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing after your wax as it may irritate the skin.
  • Don’t wax just prior to, or just after a menstrual cycle, as skin is more sensitive (ouch!).